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Yantai municipal solid waste incineration disposal center project to enter the formal implementation

发布日期 : 2015-09-22 作者 : Shanghai ChanZhou Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd 来源 : www.canzhou.cn

By my company to undertake the "Yantai municipal solid waste incineration disposal center expansion project" has completed the construction design and production of the main equipment manufacturing, into the formal implementation stage. The main equipment factory supervision and inspection work has been completed, in accordance with the construction schedule, in 2015 10 completed the installation of main equipment, overall project completion and acceptance of work plan before April 30, 2016.

This project is the current domestic enterprises first a line 100T/d dangerous waste incineration projects, after the completion of the single line disposal capacity will reach more than 30000t/a; this project process by Chan in Shanghai, Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. of mature and reliable grate furnace + activated coke technology.

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